Thursday, 19 March 2015


99.99 % of Our People who criticize Doctors want
1. All diseases cured in one day
2. by the treatment of their choice (if they want
surgery, we have to operate : If they don't want
surgery, we have to resect meningioma with
3. Free of Cost
4. In the Hospital of their choice (Treatment of
Myalgia in neurosurgery OP, Cardiac Bye Pass in
Banavaram PHC)
5. At the time they like (They will want admission
of OA Knee at 11 PM)
99.99 % of Our People who criticize Doctors want
6. All diseases to be diagnosed at once
7. With the modality of their choice. If they want
MRI Brain, we have to take it even when patient is
fully conscious following fall from bicycle. If they
don't want, we shouldn't get CT Brain done even if
there is anisocoria
8. And doctors say what they like. You should
always say that the disease does not need
hospitalization if they are not ready for
hospitalization. You should always not suggest
surgery if they are not ready for surgery.
If any one of these conditions are not met , they
will say that
1. Doctors are Negligent
2. Doctors are money minded
3. Doctors are not duty conscious
4. Doctors do not have accountability
5. Doctors did not tell me anything
6. Doctors did not explain treatment plan
eg :
If they want the diease to be cured in one day, but
it takes 5 days, and even though the doctor has
explained everything, they will still say that doctor
did not explain me treatment plan / doctor did not
tell me anything
When they are told that Open Heart Surgery cannot
be done at Banavaram PHC, they will say that
Doctors are money minded (they do open heart
surgery in their private clinic but not in PHC),
Doctors are not duty conscious, Doctors do not
have accountability
The issues are two fold
1. Lack of resources
2. Over expectation of people
The second is the main issue nowadays . . and
when the people are at fault, they have to be
99.99 % of Our Public distrust is because of their
wrong, illogical, impractical expectation
The mistake has to be identified and solved
They need to be educated about reality
You please ask 1000 non medical people to list
what they consider as 10 problems in health care
You will have a list of 10000 problems
9999 will come under the eight categories
mentioned above
Health care is not consumerism
The Customer is King approach does not work here
Health care is NOT Patient vs Doctor issue
It is doctor + patient on one side and Disease on
other side
Patients do have a lot of role to play in evolving a
good health care system and if the system is in
disarray they do have lot of blame to shoulder
Bringing health care under consumer courts is the
single most anti people act in the history of health

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